As Obama’s tenure wrapped up, we got to look into all his failures as the leader of the free world. Now we’re finding out that there were many, a lot more than we originally thought. The backward thinking that Obama and his government forced into the American public eye was divisive and helped the U.S. to regress to pre-civil rights levels of hostility between organizations. Not just that, but Obama never once thought about the greater picture. He constantly sought the short-term answer.

This could be seen most in how he managed the economy, almost doubling the national debt during his 8 years in office. Obama couldn’t handle the budget and this is a confirmation as to how much of a failure he really was. He had obviously cheated the U.S. citizens out of $1 billion in social security funds by giving away money to those illegals. Outrageous.

The Social Security Administration gave $1 billion in benefits to people who did not have a Social Security Number (SSN), showed a new survey. The agency’s inspector general discovered errors in the government’s documentation for representative payees, also known as individuals who receive retirement or disability payments on behalf of another person who is incapable of handling the benefits themselves.

Over the last decade, the agency paid $1 billion to 22,426 representative payees who “did not have an SSN, and SSA had not followed its policy to retain the paper application.”

“Furthermore, unless it takes corrective action, we estimate SSA will pay about $182.5 million in benefits, annually, to representative payees who do not have an SSN or paper application supporting their selection,” the inspector general commented.

The inspector general also discovered that the agency paid $853.1 million in benefits since 2004 to people who had been terminated as representative payees by the agency. Obama is responsible for this and his government kept giving out freebies to those without SSNs, which makes them unlawful recipients.

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